Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What an adventure this has been! I CAN NOT beleive that this is my last letter home and last week in the mission field. Words can not describe the flood of emotions that are going on in my heart right now. It has truly been a blessing and even better stated, an honor to wear this Black name tag and share the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Spanish language for the past year and a half of my life. I have been greatly blessed and am so glad that I accepted the call. 

I got asked very frequently throughout my mission why I was here. Why I gave up everything just to "preach" to people. And do you want to know what my response was everytime...I gave up a lot of things not to just preach to people, but simply to share what I know to be good and true, through the power and gift of the holy ghost...that if they wanted to know as well, all they had to do was ask. That started some very great lesson. Haha! I have learned so much on my mission this letter would be a million pages long if I were to write out all of those things...but thats what journals are for right? But I think the biggest lesson I have learned is how to Trust in the Lord. Not just learn about having trust, but how to trust. The Lord has tested me so much in the mission in so many different ways as he does in our daily lives and I have learned how to truly turn my decisions over to him and do what He would have me do...and I know that is something I will be able to carry over into my life. I feel like one of the biggest challenges for us as mortal beings is to put our Natural man eyes aside and look through the eyes of the Lord. I learned how to frequently ask myslef "What would the Lord have me do?" or "How would my savior act in this situation?" and that is when not only our faith is tested but also when we put our trust in him...and then results are a strengthened testimony, blessings and progress to becoming more like Him. I have had the priviledge to see first hand how the Gospel changes and strengthens people. But do you want to know why? Because they trust. They read the Book of Mormon with real intent. They pray with a desire to recieve answers. They come before the Lord with broken hearts and contrite spirits looking to be healed and reconstructed...and by that faith and trust alone they become converted instead of convinced. I have seen it happen in so many lives, in so many homes of families that are now eternal. It is truly a miracle and a Gift from God to have this Gospel on the earth.

I Love my mission with all my heart. Nicaragua is a very poor, but very blessed country. People reach out to help others before they even help themsleves. The 10 cordobas they were going to use to buy a bag of rice to eat for dinner, they wil willing give to the Lord as their fast offering because of their faith and trust in the Lord. I love this Gospel. I love my savior. I love Nicaragua and His children that live here. I know he lives. I love you all and hope you have a great week! I will see you all next week!

For the last time... Hermana Dickey

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Nicaragua and your mission through your eyes sweet lady. I will miss your mission blog posts.