Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hey Hey Hey!!!

I hope everyone has had an amazing week! It has been a pretty good one for me! I completed 9 months in the mission and pretty soon will be 20 years old...but we don't talk about either of those things Haha! This week was basically spent in the mission home because every zone has had trimestral (is that a word) interviews with we have been there helping him, reviewing area books and agendas and what not. It has been pretty fun...but if I have to eat one more ham and cheese sandwich I think I will die! Seriously people...every zone that has come we have given them lunch and every time it was last week we were helping with interviews, the week before that we were helping with interviews and also a couple days this next week! NO MORE SANDWICHES!!!! I can't complain too much though because it could be worse...I have eaten worse here! Mondogo equals missionary taste buds!!

So as you all know yesterday was the multi mission conference with Elder Snow from the 70 and it was so amazing! He made a huge announcement!!!! He told us all that the work in Nicaragua is now moving so quickly that we are all ready to double our efforts. To start working even harder and double what we are doing now because...he said that Nicaragua is VERY close to getting a temple!! When he said that I wanted to cry because that is all anyone really wants here in the mission! To be able to work hard enough and establish the church so that Nicaragua can have a temple! Elder Snow as a a servant of God recieves revelation like that...I know that it is Revelation from heavenly Father that he is ready for His work to accelerate even more here so that there can be a temple and I am so grateful to be apart of it. There are so many great things happening here in Nicaragua and I know that whithin the next few years Nicaragua will have a temple and I also know that Sister Dickey will be on the first flight to be at the dedication. I seriously love being a missionary! It is not easy. If I said it was I would either be lying or not working at all! But it is all so worth it when you have seen another soul come unto christ and step into the waters of baptism. It is worth the sweat, holes in your shoes and sometimes tears. How great shall be your soul when you bring many souls unto me!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Hermana Dickey

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello everyone!!!
First of all...It was VERY wierd to be in an airplane! I didn't think that would be happening in my life again until July!

So I just landed back here in Managua about 3 hours ago and let me just tell you...Puerto Cabezas is not only a very blessed place, but it is nothing like you have EVER seen before!!! The people there may be poor but they are very sweet and very humble! Mikito is also a very intersting language! We got to Puerto on Saturday around 1 and ate lunch and then afterwards President started interviews and we started checking peoples area books, agendas, cell phones... all of it! Then sunday we woke up and started getting people ready for church. I worked with the Hermanas in a area called Lamlaya and for them every sunday they have a special sacrament meeting for people wjo live far away. So at 9 we gathered people together and braoght them to the huse of a member. The houses there are set up on stilts up off the ground because it rains a lot, so we blessed and took the sacrament and had sacrament meeting underneath the house of one of the members AND the whole meeting was in Mikito...right down to the hymns we sang!! I didn't understand hardly any of it but It was cool to listen too. It was a HUGE testimony to me that no matter who you are, where you are or what language you speak, the sacrament can still be just as sagrado and the spirit can be felt just as strong...if not stronger. When we woke up on sunday morning it was POURING RAIN so I had to use these pretty awesome, giant rain boots...but they saved my fet from a lot of mud/sand! Also...we brought back the whole shower with a bucket experience so that brought back lots of memories...wether they be good or bad! Haha! All in al it was a great experience and I would give anything to have a few changes there! Maybe someday it will happe.! This morning we woke up and I helped the heremanas I was staying with clean their house and then we left and took some pictures down on the beach close to their house and then headed to the airport! It was so amazing!

This week we have a couple of baptisms linded up and only a couple meetings on tuesday and wednesday! I am super happy we have more time in our area this week! I am so lucky to be a missionary! I would not want to be doing anything else in my life than sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ with those who don't know or even with those who need a reminder! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!

P.s. Here is a little Miskito for ya I learned! To say We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints in Miskito is Yang Nani misionera sna Jesus Kraist Prias Ka watla. pretty cool huh!

Hermana Dickey
Hey everyone I hope you all had a wonderful week!!

This week for me was a little bit crazy, but I think I will just have to get used to that! We were actuallu able to work in our area a lot more this week which was really nice! All I have to say though is thank goodness for our ward mission leader for keeping up with our investigators for us when we aren't in the area...or we would be dieing. He sends members to visit our investigators for us or he will go himself and visit is SO helpful. On wednesday I went on divisions here in Managua with some sisters and then Thursday morning we finished divisions, I went back to my house and put some clean clothes in my bag and headed to Leon which is about a 3 hour bus ride from managua and did divisions with the Hermanas there! It was really fun but man by the time I got home yesterday I was ready for a nap...but we all know that didn't happen! I am just really looking forward to P-day tomorrow!

This weekend on saturday we have a conference with the North and the South mission and Elder Snow from the 70 is coming! I am super excited and quite honestly very blessed that I have gotten to listen to so many general authorties since I have been on my mission. There will be a choir of course...and guess who is in charge of it again...YEP that's! I thought maybe President would ask someone else since I have other things I have to do know...but he didn't. So tomorow is our one and only practice and I think it will go ok. We are going to sing "Yo se que vive mi seƱor" (I know that my redeemer lives) so it should be pretty easy for everyone in the choir to learn.

So far I am really loving the mission! I am really amazed at how fast the time is going and I don't want to waist a minute of what time I have left. I have learned the importance of just opening your mouth and sharing the gospel. There is a quote by Elder Holland that says how we should not be ashamed to talk and share the gospel with everyone..because really we have nothing to lose! I know this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyday my testimony and faith grows stonger and it is something I will carry for the rest of my life...not just something that will sustain me for the next 9 months of my mission. I know that as we trust in him and always stay on the staight and narrow path...biuld our foundation on the Gospel, we can not fall! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Hermana Dickey

P.s Mom I got my birthday package...but with all my strength that I had...I did not oepn it! I can wait for a couple more weeks:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I love being a missionary!!!

Hey everyone I hope it has been a great week for all of you! It is very wierd for me that I am writing at 8 at night...but I am going to have to get used to that I think!

Conference was amazing as always and I was able to understand WAY more this session than I was able to in April. I always love when conference comes around and when we have the chance to listen to the living prophet and the Apostles. On Friday I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants in section 101 verse 54 and it talks about the parable when the Lord commands that a watchtower be built around His vineyard to keep out the enemies. I thought about how Prophets and Apostles are like the men in the watchtower. As faithful Latter-day saints we are those under the watchtower guarding the walls...and Prophets are those set upon the watchtower...those that can see the enemy coming way before we can and as long as we listen to those who can see ahead we can prepare ourselves for whats to come as we guard the walls beneath the tower. We all know that we are LATTER DAY saints, or, SAINTS OF THE LAST DAYS...which means the more we pay attention to those that are set upon the watchtower (Prophets) and can see further ahead, the more prepared we can be for the things that are coming our way, things of the world. I love how President Monson said today " Faith should be the Anchor in our lives". Through our faith and obedience to the teachings of the Prophets and Apostles we can prepare ourselves more effectively.

I made it through my first week as STL (Sister Training Leader) and I have never been so tired in my life. It has literally taken me a matter of seconds to fall asleep at night...and I am not complaining because I love it!!! I have gotten to know almost all of the sisters in the mission and I will get to know every area in all of the mission. This week we will be traveling with President and Hermana Collado to all of the areas to take out numbers with each zone. For me this weekend I will leave my comp here in our area for a couple days and fly with Hermana Collado and President and Elder Gonzalez to Puerto cabezas. We will leave early morning, fly there and then come back here to Managua on monday afternoon. I am super excited to be companions with Hermana Collado for a couple days and to work with the Hermanas in puerto and hopefully learn a little bit of Miskito...we will see though! It should be an exciting week and I am looking forward to it!

I hope you all have an amazing upcoming week! I know that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and that as long as we are obedient to those and listen to those on the watchtower...we will be prepared!

Hermana Dickey