Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I love being a missionary!!!

Hey everyone I hope it has been a great week for all of you! It is very wierd for me that I am writing at 8 at night...but I am going to have to get used to that I think!

Conference was amazing as always and I was able to understand WAY more this session than I was able to in April. I always love when conference comes around and when we have the chance to listen to the living prophet and the Apostles. On Friday I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants in section 101 verse 54 and it talks about the parable when the Lord commands that a watchtower be built around His vineyard to keep out the enemies. I thought about how Prophets and Apostles are like the men in the watchtower. As faithful Latter-day saints we are those under the watchtower guarding the walls...and Prophets are those set upon the watchtower...those that can see the enemy coming way before we can and as long as we listen to those who can see ahead we can prepare ourselves for whats to come as we guard the walls beneath the tower. We all know that we are LATTER DAY saints, or, SAINTS OF THE LAST DAYS...which means the more we pay attention to those that are set upon the watchtower (Prophets) and can see further ahead, the more prepared we can be for the things that are coming our way, things of the world. I love how President Monson said today " Faith should be the Anchor in our lives". Through our faith and obedience to the teachings of the Prophets and Apostles we can prepare ourselves more effectively.

I made it through my first week as STL (Sister Training Leader) and I have never been so tired in my life. It has literally taken me a matter of seconds to fall asleep at night...and I am not complaining because I love it!!! I have gotten to know almost all of the sisters in the mission and I will get to know every area in all of the mission. This week we will be traveling with President and Hermana Collado to all of the areas to take out numbers with each zone. For me this weekend I will leave my comp here in our area for a couple days and fly with Hermana Collado and President and Elder Gonzalez to Puerto cabezas. We will leave early morning, fly there and then come back here to Managua on monday afternoon. I am super excited to be companions with Hermana Collado for a couple days and to work with the Hermanas in puerto and hopefully learn a little bit of Miskito...we will see though! It should be an exciting week and I am looking forward to it!

I hope you all have an amazing upcoming week! I know that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and that as long as we are obedient to those and listen to those on the watchtower...we will be prepared!

Hermana Dickey

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