Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The MTC of Life ~

Hey Everyone!!!

First off all thank you to all of those who sent me Happy Birthday wishes and to those who are always keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! I really appreciate it and it truly means the world to me! I am not really sure how I feel about being 20...but it doesn't matter because time keeps moving right?

This week was an AMAZING week!!! I think I have learned more this week than I have in my entire time in the mission. First of all I truly learned that as missionaries we are instruments in the hands of Christ. I always knew that but never really KNEW until a few days ago. We were teaching one of our investigators who is pregnant with twin girls and is literally going to have her cute little babies any day now! I am so excited!!! But anyways...we were teaching her about eternal families and my companion and I were teaching so well together and things just seemed to be flowing way smoother than normal! We finished the lesson with a prayer and as she walked us out she just hugged us both as tight as she could and just started crying! She told us that every single response piece of advice we gave her and helped her with were all answers to questions she had in her mind...but was embarassed to say. She was amazed at how we knew exactly what she needed without really opening up to us! It was a true testimony to me because not only were we able to help hermana Hazel, but my companion and I were both on the same page...It was truly a blessing from God and a testimony that it is the spirit that converts! She is now one of our strongest investigators. I think we just have to hold out on her baptism for a few more weeks because she is going to have her babies soon!

Another food for thought moment I had this week...We were in a meeting with President and he said something that I never really had thought about before. He said that the mission is the MTC for life. That could not be more true! I just remember being in the MTC training for the mission...and I made mistakes, and I learned from my mistakes. The same goes in the mission. I am making mistakes, but I am learning from them aswell so that later in my life I can reflect back on what I learned in the mission and apply the good principles and change the not so good ones up a little that I can truly be happy and set my foundation firm in the Gospel. I am not going to lie mission President is probably one of the coolest people you will EVER meet. He is so humble and so willing to help with whatever cause you may have! I really admire my mission President and his wife and truly hope that I can be half as great as they are someday.

I hope you all have an amazing week and keep working hard! Oh and don't get to cold!!! If you do just think about me in Nicaragua and maybe it will help! Haha! I love you all!

Hermana Dickey

Soy Nica...
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