Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hey Everyone! I hope it was yet again another successfull week for all! It was a GREAT one for me...but I am becoming to realize more and more as I progress in my mission that...I CAN NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!!!! Haha! Everytime I talk to an American sister or Elder its just a struggle to say things the way you are supposed to. Like for example...I was talking to a sister in my zone the other day on the phone who is from Georgia and I wanted to know how long she had been in the mission so I said " Sister how much time do you carry in the mision"!! HAHA! She just responded by saying "Ummm...what sister Dickey". In spanish it makes sense " Hermana cuanto tiempo lleva en la mision" but in english it sounds so dumb...I am going to be so messed up when I can home so don`t make fun of me people.

Besides the fact I can`t speak english...I had changes today! I fortunately got to stay in my area but my best friend from Guate got changed to Esteli! I was so sad when we found out and we both just gave eachother a big hug and started crying! I know...Girls right! But you come to be such good friends with your companions..They are like sisters to me, everyone of them so it is hard to say goodbye. But I now have a new comp named Hermana Landaverde from El Salvador. She is so amazing and works really hard! I know we are going to see MANY miracles together. This chane will be for 8 weeks instead of 6 because of what happebed in the MTC so I will be with her until February 2. I am SUPER excited to start getting to work!

This past saturday we had a baptism of a 16 year old joven se llama Janixia and it was such and great service. Almost all of the YW from the ward were there and my comp and I had made her invitations to hand out to her friends and a little book that all of the YW wrote in, sharing their experiences and testimonios of the Gospel. It was a really special day for her. It was also her birthday so of course we ate cake afterwards. I can`t explain to you how much I love this Gospel. I always KNEW that it was the only true Gospel here on the earth, but never have I FELT it like I do being a missionary. I have learned so many things and grown so much not only spiritually but mentally and Physically (Physically because gallo pinto does not burn off quickly! Haha) and there is NO WAY that I will ever deny it. The Lord has called a prophet and 12 Apostles to lead and guide this church. He died and suffered for each and everyone of us so that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven. It is only through and because of Him that we can be saved and I KNOW this to be true. He is the light and life of the world and the Lord NEVER works in the dark. As long as we follow His light that he brought into the World, when the Son of God was Born, we will always have His hand extended towards us. I know this is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the way. He is the light.

Have an AMAZING week and don`t get to cold...I`ll just be here getting tan;)

Hermana Dickey

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