Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Holy HOT!!

Hey Everyone!

So this week has been really great but I'm seriouse, the temperature here got super hot super fasst. It's been in the high 90's all wee. When you are walking up and down the mountain all day everyday it's really not that fun. That's when I am grateful for the cold showers. I also have some really awesome 'missionary' tan lines. It looks really funny actually! My wrist looks like i'm wearing a watch even when I'm not! In 16 months don't make fun of me when I get home people! So we were really hoping to have a baptism this week for Monica but she is really struggling with her problem with her boyfriend. He won't let her get baptized but the problem is is that he is the reason why her and her family have a house and food on the table. He is like super rich and she is nervouse to leave him because she can't work because her son has autism and has to have someone with him all the time. This week we are going to fast with her over her decision of leaving the guy or trying to marry him. He wants marriage but he just isn't ok with her getting baptized because of the law of chastity. I really know that she is going to make the right decision though, I am hoping and praying she will get baptized this weekend. 
                In other news on thursday we got a call from a man named Santos and it was super random. His voice sounded really urgent on the phone and he said 'Hermans I am here at my sisters house right now and I am ready to be baptized in your church! Come teach me RIGHT NOW! Ummmmm...OK! Santos was the brother of Monica and apparently Monica has been talking to him about the Gospel ever since we started teaching her! This women isn't even baptized but through her we have contacted so many people! We have been teaching Santos since thursday and he has a baptism date set for April 4. If Monica doesn't get baptized this week we are hoping she will the next weekend because then Monica snd Santos can be baptized together! We will see! I am really feeling good about this family though! They are awesome! On wednesday we had a reunion in managua. It was with Bishop Davies the general Bishop with the North and South mission. It was cool having all the missionaries in Nicaragua in the same place at the same time! The reunion was really great and he talked a lot about how we are not only converting people here, but people for generations.
                 I am doing really well and trying to work as hard as I can. Every night after planning at 10:30 I literally just dive onto my bed and stay right where I land...who needs covers right! The people here are super nice! Now that I have been here a while the people have started calling me Hermana Gatita A.K,A Sister cat, because apparently to them I have cat shaped eyes...ok that's cool I guess! Saturday was my comps 22 birthday (I woke up and immediately started singing Taylor swifts 22 song) and it was my 2 month mark on the mission. To celebrate we bought this super good cake at a panaderia super close top our house and we took to our almuerz-citas house and ate it with her and her family! It was fun! I am doing really good and I am just trying to work as hard as I can to be the best I can be. In all my life I have 18 moths as a set apart missionary...that's like nothing so I intend to utillize this time to the best of my ability. Talk to everyone and share the Gospel. Thank you all for your love and support! I know this Gospel is the true restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! He is our Savior and Reedemer and through him we can do anything with true and convicted faith! Let your lights shine always!

Hermana Dickey

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