Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Well folks...another week come and gone...Have I ever mentioned how fast time is going by! Pretty sure I have like a billion times...but it`s true! So this past week was pretty good. We had a lot of success and this week we have several baptisms planned! I am VERY excited! My companion and I came up with a plan to motivate ourselves to keep walking throughout the day. Sometimes we stop just for a second to take a break...especially when we are walking from one end of our area to the other and man once you stop and sit down it is REALLY dificult to get motivation to stand up and walk again. So my comp and I came up with something called "The Final Countdown". We start at 10 and countdown and as soon as we get to 1 we stand up and start walking. It gives us time to mentally prepare ourselves and it works like a charm! 

While yes we had success this was not an easy one for me. On tuesday afternoon I was informed by my Mission President that my Grandpa Stringer had passed away that morning...but in the comforts of his own home and surrounded by family. I was allowed to talk to my family for a little bit and while yes we had our laughs...we also shared some tears. I remembered this week the last time I saw my grandpa before I left and if only I had known in that moment that it would be the last time I would hug him here on this earth...I would have cherished it much longer. How grateful are we for the knowledge of Eternal Families and the Plan of Salvation. What brings peace to my heart is the Atonement of Jesus Christ and our Father in Heavens plan for each and everyone of us, His children. My heart ached just a little...only at the fact I was here in the mission field and couldn't be with my family. However, our Father in Heaven took the ultimate sacrifice, sufferinfg for us, that we may gain eternal life and Everlasting happinnes in the Presence of our Father in Heaven... Through our faithfuness and obedience. My grandpa was an amazing person and a HUGE example to me. If I can be half as great as he was I will be doing pretty good. I know I will see my Grandpa again...but until that joyful reunion...he will be very lovd...and very missed.

I hope you all have an amazing week this week!

Hermana Dickey

Soy Nica:

1. Dad can`t sneak fake,plastic cockroaches into the shower to freak me out anymore...that is a normal thing now...except they are real! Sorry!

2. Making Brownies on an electric stove top...lets just say as long as it's cooked so I dont get salmonila (however you spell that) then Brownies are brownies!

3. I HATE THE BUSES!!! I think the name of the game is how many people you can fit onto one transit bus...not a fan of that game. Hermana Dickey still has a thing called personal space!

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