Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

IT IS SO HOT HERE!!!!! I mean I know I am in Nicaragua people...but holy cow it is hot! I remember when I was at BYU-I I would hop from biulding to biulding on my way home just so I didn`t have to be outside in the cold. Here my companion and I hop from shade spot to shade spot just so we don`t have the sun on us! It is actually really funny! We make a game out of it sometimes. Haha! 

So this week was very successful! We put a ton of fechas with people and I am feeling really good for this month. Right now the mission has a goal to baptize 306 people so that when the Apostol comes at the end of this month we have some good results to show. I am so excited because it has given all the missionaries motivation to work even harder and we are doing really great! I seriously love being a missionary so much! It is tough work and I am not a huge fan of sweating (Thank goodness for cold showers) but Vale la Pena. My companion Hermana Nicholls is doing really great. We have SO MUCH FUN together and it makes the work 10 times better. We laugh and make jokes and then by the time we get to the next appointment we are focused and ready to teach because we take our minds off of how hot it is or how far we have to walk...and that is saying a lot because sometimes that is not easy to do! This week we are supposed to have a baptism of a sweet little lady named Thelma. I am super excited for her because she wants to be baptized so bad...but she is having some health problems right now and is hardly ever home when we pass by because she is in the hospital. I am just praying that everything will work out!

Funny story of the week!! So last week we hardly had any money left from the beginning of the month to buy food at the store so we bought a few things...but not a lot! The food we did buy lasted about 3 days and that was it! We have a member in our ward who cooks us lunch everyday so there is no problem there...but dinner we are normally on our own to cook something in the house...and by "cook" I mean boil hot water and make Ramen. Haha! Anyways we didn`t even have money to buy that so for the rest of the week we lived off of what we had left which consisted of Wheat bread, Chocolate frosting and yogurt. What would you all do with those items? Needless to say we got really creative! Today we bought a bunch of stuff and I am very excted to cook some real food!

This past week I have been thinking a lot about the Atonement of our savior. As a missionary you go through times when it is really great to be a missionary and times when you are just ready to be done...because it is not easy. How is it that we press on when our hearts are as weak as our shoes. Where can we fnd reassurance when perfect plans and minds set on success result in empty homes and disappointment. These are just a few questions I have thought to myslef more than once. We are literally handing people the key to true and everlasting happiness...only to be rejected. Why aren`t people more willing to listen to us? Why aren`t more people just lining up at the baptism font? Why is this so hard?...Well I would imagine that we aren`t the first ones to ask that question. Our savior Jesus Christ was rejected by His friend who he trusted. He was despised and rejected of men, "He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisment of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed" (Mosiah 14:5). Our Savior suffered much more. So much that he cried to His father on the cross, calling for relief "Father take this cup from me!" But he knew it had to be done..because Salvation does not come cheap. If it was so hard for him why would it be easy for us. I believe that in order to obtain such a precious gift as salvation, eternal life...we have to be willing to endure the hardships. Is it easy to be disappointed? YES! Is it easy to walk around all day just to arrive at someones house and find out they aren`t home? NO! But we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We are proclaming this Gospel unto all nations. If any of us thought that bringing salvation to His children was easy...think of our Savior Jesus Christ because salvation does not come cheap.

I Love this Gospel with my whole soul and I will be eternally grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. It is through His sacrifice and His example that I am able to endure. He suffered much more just to bring slavation to the children of God. I hope you all have a great week and always seek to remember the Atonement of our savior. Remember that salvation does not come cheap.

Hermana Dickey

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