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January 2015 ~ June 2016

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey everyone I hope is was another fantastic week for all of you!!! By the way shout out to the Clackamas Cavs for going 3-0!! I just got excited reading the letter from my dad about the game on Friday night! I can't enjoy football season this year so keep me updated folks! Haha! Anyways...

This wee was a great one for me! I was stuck at home all day on tuesday because I got SUPER sick to my stomach... not sure how, but it doesn't matter because the rest of the week was amazing! We had a baptism planned for saturday last week...but when we passed by for the young man that was to be baptized on wednesday, we caught him drinking needless to say he wasn't baptized. But I know someday his day will come! At least we were able to plant the seed! But the miracle of the week was that we were able to baptize a man who we have been visiting since June! He had a fecha in june but it fell because he didn't "feel prepared". We left him for a while and visited occasionaly just to keep him updated with reading in the Book of Mormon and praying with his wife. His wife is a member and they had one 2 year old daughter at the just a week ago she had there second. On wednesday we decided to pass by for Antonio to see how he and his wife were doing. Knowing that our fecha for that weeked fell we went to his house hoping for a miracle that he would accept a fecha for that weekend (saturday). We showed up at his nouse and before we even said the opening prayer he said " Hermanas I am ready to be baptized"!!! Ummmm What! Ok ya man lets go the Pila is already full!! No I didn't really say that...but I was so excited!! My testimony grew so much of how the Lord really does prepare people as long as they are keeping commitments and ding their part. Antonio was baptized on friday, two days later and then confirmed in church yesterday.I was so excited for him and his family! Now all him and His wife talk about are how now they want to start preparing to go to the temple. I just love this Gospel! Seeig the look on someones face that you have been teaching and helping progress as they come out of the water is nothing like you will ever see! There is't even room in my heart to express the joy I feel in every single baptism I have seen. Families really are Eternal.

Not much else to report this week! We have cambios on moday and I have no idea what is going to happen. I am really hoping I get to stay in my area...but like Nefi says "I will go, I will do the things the Lord commands". Wherever he needs me I will go!

I hope you all have a great week and stay safe!

Hermana Dickey

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