Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Well everyone it was yet another great week! It was busy but really awesome! We saw a ton of miracles in the work and on Saturday we had the amazing opportunity to have President Nelson from the quorum of the 12 Apostles here! Let me just tell you all how that went...

On saturday morning our whole zone had to meet at the stake center in Villa Flor at 5am to leave for the Capilla in Altacracia where the meeting would be held by 6am. My companion and I got up at 3am to be ready to go and be in villa flor on time. Eventually the whole zone arrived and we left! We got to Altacracia and there were already a ton of missionaries there waiting to get a front row seat...I don't blame them! Lucky for me I already had a seat reaserved in the Very front row because I was directing the choir! My companion got to sit with me too! I have Never been so close to an Apostle before! It was so cool! We waited and waited and waited for President Nelson to arrive and finally at 9am he arrived! We all stood up as he wlaked in the door and he was so cute! He had a huge smile on his face and said hello to us as he made his way to the pulpit. Then he wanted to shake EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARIES HAND so one by one in an orderly fashion every single missionary form the North and South mission got to shake his hand! Yes people I shook an Apostles hand! That beat any Taylor Swift concert by a long shot! After we sat down the meeting really started and the Choir was first! I was so nervous but it eneded up sounding really good and President Nelson said it was the best Missionary Choir he had heard! I was feeling pretty good about that! He then gave his remarks on the the importance of missionary work and out of all of the messages I have heard on theat subject this ne hit me the most! He talkd about how we are in the last days...we are saints of the last days and that the work of the Lord has never been as important as it is now. He told us that as missionaries in these days we were reserved for this time in our lives. When we lived with our Father in Heaven he saved us for this time to come and preach His Gospel because he trusts in us and confides in us! I never thought about that before or in that way...but how great of a blessing is that! He also talked about the time when him and Richard G. scott came to Nicaragua 25 years ago to dedicate the entire country of Nicaragua for Missionary work. 25 years isn't that long!

One of my favorite quotes he said was "We do our best and the Lord does the rest". As missionaries, following the guidance of the spirit is the way to true conversion.

I love this country and most importantly I love this work! I always knew that missionary work was a very important thing...thats why I'm here! But I now have a new perspective of it and how importnant it is for ME individually and how our Father in Heaven knows each and everyone of us personally...member or nonmember! One thing that the people say here when we comit them to church or to pray and read the Book of Mormon is "Si Dios quiere" (If God wants) and it makes me laugh everytime becuase of course God wants you to comitt to the things we ask you to do because we don't comit people to the comittments we as missionaries give...we give comittments that God Claro que si Dios quiere! Haha! I love it so much!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and that this week will be even better! Words of wisdom from President Nelson..."Why would people want to be like us if we are grumpy"! We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Lets show it!

Hermana Dickey

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