Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Buenos Días mis queridos amigos! 

I hope this week has been yet another great week for all and that you were all able to see the hand of the Lord at some point or another. For my companion and I...we definitely did! On Tuesday last week we passed by as normal for our "Golden Family" to share a message with them about the Plan of Salvation. We arrived to their house only to find it empty...COMPLETELY VACIO PEOPLE!!!! I was so shocked that that had happened to us again! We had finally found another chosen Family...helped them feel the spirit...brought them to church with us twice just to show up and find that they had moved! The worst part was that they didn't have a cell phone or any way to stay in my companion and I had no idea what had happened to them. That was like a hard "Kick to the face" for me...but I had to keep working with a smile on my face and with motivation to find others who the Lord had chosen for us to find that day. We kept on working and at around 5:30 we were on our way to an appointment that we had scheduled. On the way we decided to go a different route than normal...because there is always a long way and a short way. So this particular day at that particular time we felt the impression to go the long way. On the way my companion and I were having a conversation and chatting when we passed by a girl named Gissel who we had contacted about 4 weeks ago. She is a 19 year old who didn't live in our area for a while but was always visiting her boyfriend(Who haappens to be the bishops son) and who had recieved all of the lessons from missionaries before and had been to church a billion times...but never got baptized for fear of her mother. Well this particular day we found her again at her boyfriends house because he had just left for the mission the day before. We went inside and shared a message with her when all of the sudden she just says " Can I be baptized next Friday?" WHAT!!! UMMM for sure you can be baptized next Friday! I tried holding my composure I promise. At that Very moment I knew the Lord was blessing us for our past efforts. So Gisel is getting batized this Friday! 

Another Miracle...Yesterday we were in sacrament meeting listening to the speakers when a joven (youth) comes over to me and says " Hermanas there is a guy outside that wants to see you. He says he knows you". So we got up quietly and walked outside..Who was this mysterious man...HERMANA PEDRO PABLO!! The dad of the "Golden Family". He had come looking for us at church because he remembered what time it started and wanted to talk to us. We ended up finding out where they were living now, they bought a cell phone so we got their number! It was great! They don't live in our area now but we were able to send other missionaries to their house!

Last Miracle...Also yesterday at church we noticed there was a guy there who we had never seen before. After sacrament meeting we introduced ourselves to him. His name is Yerson. He was living in Leon but now lives in our area. He was an investigator of some missionaries in Leon and came to church with his niece. He said the missionaries in Leon never put a fecha (date to be baptized) with him but he said he wanted to get baptized. He too said "Hermanas can I get baptized next saturday": FOR SURE!!! Again had to hold my composure.

So Moral of the story...the Lord will always bless us for our efforts if we are obedient and working hard. I hope you all have an amazing week!

Hermana Dickey

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