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January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Alright drum roll please....YES I got transferred! I am now in a place called Villa Flor in Managua and it is UNBELIEVABLY HOT!!! But there is a catch to this change...I finished my training finally but I got a call from my mission President, President Collado on saturday afternoon and he told me to start packing my stuff to come here to Villa Flor AND that I would be training! Yes...I am a trainer now! It's a little crazy that I just finished my training and now I am training someone. I love it though! My comps name is Hermana Ramos and she is from Honduras. She is literally the cutest! She doesn´t speak any english, but she is really ready to work which is a relief because I don't know this area at all! Villa Flor is like night and day compared to Matagalpa. There are real buses, stores, restaurants, AMERICAN MUSIC, and wait for it...I got to hear a Taylor Swift song today in the grocery store!!! It made my day! I am not going to was probably the most Chulpasa (“crappy") thing ever to leave Matagalpa! Sunday night I passed by for basically all of my investigators and recent converts to say goodbye. The worst was saying goodbye to the family that we married and baptized! The mom, Magadalena and the son Alan cried when I left...and so did I! It was like leaving my own family all over again...I hated it! I also had to say goodbye to Blankita my lunch cita and her daughters Anita and Blanca. I cried like a baby last night saying goodbye to them! Blankita became like a mom to me and was always watching out for me. Last night she made me one last plate of her famous Gallopinto and repochetas (quesadillas). She is so cute! They all have my email so we can stay in touch! Blankita told me if I don't come back to visit after my mission that she was gonna be really mad at me, so mom and dad...We have to come back, because one thing about Blankita is that you do not want her to be mad! HAHA! I am so grateful for the chance I had to work in Matagalpa and to be comps with Hermana Drollinger! This change is her last change in the mission and then she is going home! I hope I get to see her before she leaves! I am pretty sure I will. Other big news that I have is that on sunday night I got another call from President...and usually when president calls you personally it's either because you’re in trouble or he has an assignment for you. I knew he wasn't calling because I was in trouble and I knew it couldn't be about changes because he had already called to tell me I would be a I was a little scared to talk to him...not gonna lie! I picked up the phone and before I could even say "Hola Presidente" he said "Hermana Dickey I have a job for you". I quietly thought to myself..."Oh no this could be interesting". He continued to tell me that in August we are having another mult-mission meeting with the north and south mission of Nicaragua and he needs me to put together a choir of about 50 missionaries and pick and song and direct it. Before I could even say "Ok esta bien" he says "Great thanks Hermana Dickey!" So needless to say the stress is on now because not only am I in a new area training a brand new latina, but I also have to organize an entire choir of 50 missionaries by August! Si se puede Verdad!! Haha! I am really excited for this opportunity and I am grateful for the confidence President has in me to be able to accomplish all of this! These next few months are going to be challenging and will definitely test my I am so ready to work hard here in Villa Flor! Hermana Ramos and I are going to "Hechar Fuego"!! Haha!

Yesterday I had my last baptism in Matagalpa and my last baptism with Hermana Drollinger. We finished strong! We baptized a woman named Jaqueline and her daugther Anielka. It was so great! Her other daughter is going to get baptized this saturday with Hermana Drollinger because she turns 8 tomorrow! She also has a 6 year old son named Elder! About 6 years ago the Elders who were in our area were teaching her when she was pregnant with Elder and she thought the Elders were so nice that she named her son after them! Needless to say when he goes on his mission his plaque will have his full name...Elder Gonzalez!

I hope everyone is having a great week and that this week is even better! Here in Nicaragua mothers day is on the 30 of May...and no mom I can't skype you again...But Happy mothers day again to all you wonderful mothers out there! Buenos Suerte!

Love, Hermana Dickey

Soy Nica....

1.When you are teaching a lesson in the home of a family with 40 chickens in their tiny house, a parrot, 2 dogs,and a turtle. Literally there are 40 chickens...I counted!

2. When the water in your house FINALLY comes back, THE DAY YOU LEAVE!! I think that was planned...

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