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January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 month mark!!

Well yesterday was my 5 month mark and I literally can`t believe how fast the time is going by! It seems like just yesterday I was starting my first semester at I`m 5 months into my mission! Can we please slow things down here a bit!!! This weekend we baptized a man named Ernesto and it was so great! He was so excited and all week leading up to his baptism he kept calling us asking what time we were gonna stop by for his house and help him be more prepared to be "Baptized in the name of God"! That`s what he always said! Well saturday afternoon Ernesto was baptized by probably one of the smallest Elders we have in the mission...and let me tell you Ernesto is not a tiny man! haha! It was actually kinda funny to watch! The spirit was so strong in the baptism and I was so grateful for the reverence in the room because that makes all the difference...especially when you have other investigators there watching. I am happy to report that the rain has finally stopped (knock on wood) and now its just really hot! The weather can`t seem to make up its mind!
My companion is still struggling a little and I am not gonna lie, I am running out of ideas to keep her motivated! The mission is fun...but at the same time its a lot of work and sometimes you just have to buckle down and do it! I think she is trying to get the hang of that part still. The good part is that we are having success! I am getting more used to the mission now and my spanish is SO MUCH BETTER!! It is amazing how much easier life becomes when you can communicate with people! Haha! My spanish is definitely not perfect and I still don't understand everything...but at least it's better! This week my comp and I discovered an amazing fruit called Mamones and they are so good and so cheap! They are really small but really good! I hope they aren't bad for you because I will get really fat off them if they aren't! I mean its a fruit right? I hope everyone has a great week this week! Summer has started so stay safe and don't have to much fun without me!
Hermana Dickey

Soy Nica....
1.. When your alarm goes of at 6; roll over to turn it off and touch a huge cockroach sitting on the alarm button...for real people that happened! I though I was gonna die! Needless to say that cockroach is no longer living! R.I.P mr. Cockroach!

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