Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What a week! My companion and I worked harder than we ever have this week and let me tell you it payed off! This weekend we planned to have one baptism and we knew it was for sure going to happen...but our mission had a goal to baptize at least 90 people in the month of June and in the whole mission we had 89 that were baptized or were going to be baptized. With our one seguro baptism on saturday Yojanna was part of that 89 but we needed just one more person. On tuesday we were walking in the street when I heard someone yell out "Hermanas"!! I turned around to see who it was thinking it was a member or someone I knew...but it wasn't. There was a young woman sitting on the sidewalk talking to her friend...she said "are you guys mormon missionaries"? I got really excited becuase you never have someone contact you in the street. I immediately said yes we are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. She continued to explain to us that about 2 years ago elders that were in our area before were teaching her, but she moved to an area that didn't have missionaries before she could be baptized. Her name is Roxanna and she had already had all of the lessons and had been to church and to church activities many many times....she just needed to be baptized! How Crazy is that! We visited her every day and put a fecha to be baptized on saturday. So we had TWO baptisms on saturday reaching the goal in the mission of 90 baptisms in the month of June! My comp and I were pretty excited. That's why this week may have been tough...but it was totally worth it! I would send pictures but I am afraid to put my memory into the computer because last week when I did...the computer shut down and deleted all of my pictures on my camera...of the mtc and matagalpa...all of it! I don't want to lose anymore! 5 months of my mission is enough! I hope everyone is dong well and staying safe! Happy Summer Vacation!!!

Hermana Dickey

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