Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Monday, July 13, 2015

Well folks...another change has come and gone and the time just seems to be going faster and faster! I will complete 6 months this month and only have a year left! That´s not fair at all! It seems like just yesterday I was starting my first day in the MTC...totally oblivious to everything that was going on! This weekend we had changes and....Hermana Dickey will be training a newbie!! My companion Hermana Ramos got sent to Puerto Cabeza and I recieve my Hija tomorrow. There are 8 hermanas coming and 3 elders and most of them are American apparently so we will see if I train an American or a Latina....Vamos a ver! Anyways tomorrow I go to the mision home to have a meeting with all of the other missionarys who will be training and then tomorrow afternoon I wil recieve my hija and to the races we go! I am so excited to train!!!

This past week was pretty good. We found a lady named Mary Luz who lives close to our house and she is HILARIOUS!!!! The only sad thing is that we have been totally friendzoned by her...its a little depressing not gonna lie! Everytime we go by for her she says Hola mis chicas and uses Vos with us...that`s when you really know you have been friendzoned. It`s ok though because we are going to work with her more and try to help really understand why we are here as missionaries. I have tried to explain that to her before but I guess it hasn`treally clicked. Yesterday we passed by her house to bring her to church and she was in the process of getting ready when we came to her door. We sat down and waited for her to get dressed and all of the sudden she came flying out of her room yelling VAMOS VAMOS mi Chicas and spraying her perfume all over us and the room...and it was probably the worst smelling perfume I have ever smelt in my life! Haha! And the worst part is all day on sunday people were asking me "Hermana Dickey why do you smell like that"! I just smiled and laughed and asked them how they were doing...I had no response!

I am doing really well over all and I am very excited to train! I will keep you updated on my Hija next week! I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Love Hermana Dickey

Soy Nica....

1. When you think your investigator has a pet squirrel because it has a collar and is chained to the fence. Everyday you pass by to teach them the squirrel is fatter and fatter....and then one day Mr. squirrel is gone...Where did it go you might ask? One can only assume!

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