Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Monday, June 15, 2015

I promise President, I didn't go swimming on purpose.....

Well this week was an interesting one...not gonna lie! We had a baptism planned for saturday and unfortunately it fell´s amazing to me how much harder satan works on people when they are about to do something really great in their life! We are still working with him though and the good news is he still wants to be baptized, we just need to clear some things up first! Also it has rained every single day here and it usually starts around 4 pm and goes till about 3 am! I would know because a tin roof and rain don`t really mix well! Haha! On thursday night we had a HUGE rain storm here and it got so bad that our ZL´s called us and told us to go home or find the nearest members house because it was to dangerous to be out in the streets. That day we were in the house by 7 pm which I hated because we had a lot of appts. that night that we missed! I have never seen or been in rain like that before in my life though and that´s sayin´ something because I am from Oregon! We were actually in a cita when the ZL called me and we were close to the house so after we left the house of our investigator we slowly made our way to the house. I was amazed at how quickly the streets filled with water. They were literally rivers...with a current and everything! My comp and I waided our way to the house in water that came just below my knees! It was insane! Thank goodness for Crocs once again! They may be ugly but boy are they life savers!

So needless to say thursday night was pretty lame...but we were safe and dry so that´s good at least. On friday morning we woke up and I had a text on my phone from some elders in our zone that are in an area called Rene Palonko. They had an investigator named Junior who was 13 years old and he was the coolest little kid you would ever meet! He loved the missionaries and when we had our stake conference a couple weeks ago he told all of us that he wanted to be a missionary when he got older! he also had a fecha to be baptized this last saturday! Well on thursday night during the rain storm he was on his way home from the market because he was out buying rice and beans for dinner for his family. He took their horse and cart with him so he could get all of the food home. As he was on his way home the horse got caught in the current in the street and fell over...and so did Junior. The current took him away and swept him into the ditch on the side of the road. The text I got on friday morning was to tell us that Junior had passed away in the rain storm on thursday night...two days before his baptism and that we needed to all be at his funeral on saturday to sing hymns. That was the most devastating text I have ever gotten! On saturday morning the whole zone went to the funeral of Junior and sang hymns. I can´t even put into words how aweful that was! Trying to sing at a funeral of anyone is really hard...but of Junior....

I know that Junior is in a better place and that his death happened for a reason. He said he wanted to be a missionary and I know he is already doing a great work with our Father in Heaven!

I love this Gospel so much! I know that we are all individually loved by our Father in Heaven and he knows each and every one of us personally. Everyday is a new day and I have learned on the mission that life just keeps going. There is no pause button or rewind! Live everyday to the fullest! I hope this week is the best week yet for all of you!

Love, Hermana Dickey

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