Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hey everyone I hope you all had a great conference weekend! I am writing late today and don't have much time because this morning at about 3am I got a phone call from a sister in my zone. They were on there way to the hospital because Hermana Martinez had apendicitis and had to have with that being said I stayed with her in the hospital today so her companion...who is new and today was her first p-day...could go enjoy it with my companion and not have to spend her first p day in the hospital. They got back late because the lights went out here in all of Matagalpa while they were writing...but I am on now! Haha!

I hope everyone enjoyed conference! I loved it so much! I always feel so lifted after listening to our modern day prophet and apostles. Something cool that happened to me... a year ago on march 16 2015 Alan, Magdalena and their two kids were married and baptized and, my comp at the time, and I were the ones who were able to help them make that wonderful change in their lives. Well I arrived to conference on sunday morning with some investigators and there they were...the whole family on the very front row with note pads, open hearts and open ears ready to listen! I ran over to them and gave them all a HUGE hug!!! Well the girls anyways...Alan and alan Jr. got the awkward hand shake...haha! But it was so amazing to see them all together and still as faithful as ever! They told me they have plans to go to the temple in January so that Hermana Drollinger and I can go! WOOOHOOOO!!! I love this gospel so much! I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Dickey

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