Nicaragua Managua North Mission
January 2015 ~ June 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I hope you all had an amazingly wonderful week full of excitement, happiness and just plain awesomeness. As for me it was yet another great week and we had A TON of success. We had the baptism of Engell Suriel and yesterday at church he was confirmed. I also got to teach Young womens yesterday which was really fun actually! We had a great lesson and shared a few laughs as well. My companion gave an impromptu talk as well in sacrament meeting and the companionship of elders that share an area with us had to bless and pass the know we are like missionary ninjas. Haha! It was a great meeting though!

So on saturday we got rained on hard core here. Around 3pm it started to sprinkle and then all of the sudden it was like someone turned the hose on full blast. We left the house prepared that day with our umbrellas. We were about half way up the hill, or moutain I should say, when it started companion was walking a little bit behind me when all of the sudden a bunch of rocks started to fall down the mountain... I saw one coming towards my companion and tried to stop it before it got to her because she was looking down at the ground at the time, but I missed it and it hit her right in the shin. It was not a huge rock but big enough and coming fast enough it left a huge bruise on her poor leg and a nice looking wound. We kept going though and about 5 minutes later I slipped and fell in the mud...haha...The laughter took the pain away!! I love the mission so much! Also on saturday at about 11 we passed by for this sister that we have been teaching for about a week. We shared with her a quick message about the atonement of Jesus Christ and just as I was finishing up and in the middle of sharing a powful testimony...she just stops me and says "Hermana Dickey...How does it feel to be a gringa?" You guys she was totally serious! She actually wanted to know! I kinda chuckled and and was just like "Ummm...Bien...Creo" Haha! Gotta love it people!

So spiritual experience of the week that I just love! On sunday after church we were walking home to drop off some things before we hit the streets to finish up the day..I was holding a BOM in my hand like I normally do just in case the opportunity arrived to give it to someone...when all of the sudden the thought popped up in my mind "This book that I am holding in my hands truly is the Word of God". It was wierd but I kinda got that butterfly feeling in my stomach. I turned to my companion and started talking to her about it. How amazing it was that this book was written by prophets, buried in the ground waiting to be translated by the power and the gift of God...and that now...a sister missionary in Nicaragua was holding one her hands, in spanish, looking to share it with someone who was ready to hear. It made me realize that if this book wasn't true...NO ONE would take the time and energy to translate it into so many different languages and share it with people who don't know the truth of it. I mean the Book of Mormon is translated in Miskito people! All of those people out in Puerto Cabezas read it in Miksito and the missionaries there share it in Miskito! How cool is that!! I just love this Gospel so much and El Libro De Mormon!! I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Dickey

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  1. You, my sweet Daughter of God are so wonderful. I have truly enjoyed your blogs and will miss reading them when you go home.